2021 Powersheets Accessories

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Everything you wanted to know about the new 2021 Powersheets Accessories!

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

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Powersheets Accessories

The Powersheets Goal Planner Launch always includes a bunch of new accessories to go with it. You don’t need anything other than the actual Powersheets to make progress on your goals. In fact, I didn’t buy any accessories last year. But this year I decided to try out a few things and I’m so excited to implement them into the system.

A benefit of ordering on Launch Day (October 14th, 10 am EST) is the availability of bundles. They have a limited number they can sell, so if that’s something you are interested it, it’s good to order early! But all the accessories are also offered individually. So you can always just select the things you want.

I decided to get the Custom Bundle. It made sense because I knew there were a few things I wanted and this way I also got to try out some things I might not have been able to get otherwise. Plus, it saved quite a bit of money getting them through the bundle.

There are a couple other bundles that I will talk about later on in this post. The bundles make it so easy to shop on Launch Day, but they usually sell out fast! Everything launches on October 14th at 10 am EST.

You can also see all the accessories I got (along with my Powersheets) in this YouTube Video:

Goal Setting Sticker Book

Of course I had to get the Goal Setting Sticker Book. The two accessories I knew I was getting were the stickers and the accessory pouch (which I’m talking about next).

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

The stickers are beautiful! I love the variety of functional and decorative (the gold foiled quotes on the last page are my favorite)! They are printed on a vinyl type paper. They feel almost velvety smooth, and the quality is just perfect.

I actually got two sticker books because I wanted to make sure I had enough of the color coding dots. The one thing I wish they would have done differently is that I feel like they could have put a lot more of the dots on the page. They are pretty spaced out and I think more dots could have easily fit. I heard that people would run out of the dots in certain colors last year, and I think that could be easily fixed by just arranging them differently on the page. So just to make sure, I bought two books. And as an added bonus, now I have double of the pretty decorative ones too.

Accessory Pouches

The Accessory Pouch was another obvious choice for me. I love bags. and pencil/accessory bags are no exception. In fact… I might have bought all three designs. I couldn’t decide. And I know I can find a use for them all. By the way, did I mention they come in three designs? Aqua, Pink, and Citrus Blooms. And they are all beautiful!

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

They are a faux leather type material, with an elastic strap that you can use to keep them with your Powersheets. I probably won’t do that since I plan to keep my Powersheets open, but I love the idea of having all my accessories in one place. Then when I’m ready to check in on my goals, I have everything I need nearby. I’ve done the same thing with my Faith Journal and I love it!

These are also pretty big bags. They made sure it was large enough for the sticker book to fit inside, along with all the other accessories you might want to have nearby.

Color Coding Markers

I’ve seen more questions about the Color Coding Markers than any of the other accessories. And for that reason, I made a YouTube video answering the questions I’ve gotten and sharing what I know about the Color Coding Markers.

I’m pretty particular with my pens, and I was a little worried about how I was going to like these. I was pleasantly surprised though. The colors match the color coding stickers much better than I expected. Don’t let the color on the cap fool you, some of them write very differently than the cap would indicate.

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

The colors are vivid, and most importantly, they DO NOT bleed or even really shadow through the Powersheets paper!

I’m really glad that I got these, and I’m excited to use them with my Powersheets in 2021.

Tending Tape

Which is another name for washi tape. I love the Tending Tape because I can decorate my Powersheets, and everything will stay cohesive and match. Plus the designs are beautiful and can definitely also be used in other projects (like planners or scrapbooking).

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

I love the patterns and the gold foiled details. Plus these tending tapes are the same quality as any standard washi.

Break it Down Notepad

If you are familiar with Powersheets then you know there is space in the planner for Wildcard pages. Now this notebook is not specifically a Wildcard Page, but it’s the same size and can be used in those spaces.

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

I wanted the Break it Down Notepad because my biggest struggle with goal setting is turning my goals into an action that I can easily do. That’s what this notepad is for. It gives you space to further break down any goal into many individual action items that can be checked off.

It is also made with the same 80 lb paper as the Powersheets. And there are 50 sheets in each notepad, so you’ll have plenty for the year and maybe even more.

Little By Little Journal

While not exactly an accessory for Powersheets, the Little By Little Journal is one of the new products that Cultivate What Matters is launching. And I just love it!

The 2021 Powersheets Launch brings lots of new accessories to help make 2021 a fresh new start with goals that really matter! #powersheets #goalplanner #settinggoals

When I first saw the Little By Little Journal (and ordered it) I thought it was bigger than it is. But it is actually only 4 x 6.5 inches. I was wondering if I would still like it, but now that I’ve seen it, it has become one of my favorite products. The size might be small, but I think it is perfect for my use, and many other possible uses. They suggest it could be used to track daily goal progress, memories, or something you are grateful for.

Each two page spread has gold foiling and a quote on the top left, then 7 boxes with spaces for the date. There are 110 pages, which is plenty for the entire year and then some.

This is a beautiful journal, meant to be kept as something to treasure.

Other Available Accessories

These are some of the new accessories that I didn’t choose to get. Most of them it was just because it wasn’t something that I personally needed for my Powersheets. I actually struggled with many of these, simply because I wanted everything to be able to try it out. But realistically, I knew that there were some things that I just don’t need.

For example, the daily and weekly notepads. I’m sure they are amazing because I love my Break it Down Notepad. But I have a weekly AND daily planner for 2021, and having notepads for those things would just be redundant. Same with the Planner Stickers pack. I love stickers. I want all the stickers. But I have more planner stickers than I could ever use, so I decided to just get the Goal Setting Sticker Book.

You will have different needs and a different style. Get the accessories that work for you and will be helpful for you.

And actually, I still really want the wall calendar… It’s gorgeous!

See all the new 2021 Powersheets accessories here!

The Non-Powersheets Accessory

I did also get one accessory that has nothing to do with Powersheets, and that is the Colorful Bible Tabs. They are prettier in real life and I can’t wait to put them in my Bible!

Powersheets Bundles

Custom Bundle

This is my favorite of the bundles! And that’s because you get to create it! First you choose your Powersheets cover. Then you get to choose 6 of the Powersheets accessories from 11 available options.

It’s the best way to get what you want, without getting things you don’t need.

I Want It All Bundle

The I Want It All Bundle is exactly what it sounds like, one of everything from the new launch! Plus, you still get to choose your Powersheets cover and accessory pouch design.

Best Selling Bundle

If you are just getting started with Powersheets and aren’t really sure what you want, this is a great option. It comes with the Goal Setting Sticker Book, Tending Tape, Accessory Pouch (your choice of design), Wildcard Pages, and of course Powersheets with your choice of cover.

What ever accessories you choose, or none at all, Powersheets is an amazing tool to work through your priorities so you can spend 2021 focusing on what really matters to you.

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