2022 Powersheets Goal Planner Review

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If you are wanting a new and intentional way to set goals for 2022, you might just love the Powersheets Goal Planner by Cultivate What Matters.

The 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner will change the way you set goals. It is the tool you need to accomplish the important things in your life. Cultivate What Matters.

What is the Powersheets Goal Planner?

The Powersheets Goal Planner is a goal system originally designed by Lara Casey, and now produced by her company, Cultivate What Matters.

It includes an entire system of Prep Work at the beginning to help you figure out what goals are. Then continues to give you goal setting support with monthly sections that help you to brainstorm and narrow down goals for that month.

Each quarter also includes a Quarterly Refresh so that you’ll have the opportunity to change up your goals when something from January isn’t working in July.

To see more about the 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner, check out my YouTube video for a full flip-though.

When is Launch Day?

Launch Day for the Powersheets Goal Planner and all the new accessories (and bundles) is on October 6, 2021.

I think the Ultimate Goal Setters Bundle is only available this day (maybe, don’t quote me. Lol), so I love to shop early to make sure that nothing I want sells out. But they have been doing better with keeping things in stock longer so you will still probably get the Powersheets cover that you want if you shop a little later.

How Much Does the Powersheets Goal Planner Cost?

This year the Powersheets Goal Planner is $62. Yes, it did go up a little from last year (it was $60). But I think they did this because of the keepsake box that comes with it this year. Just my opinion though. I would totally pay $2 for the box. It’s beautiful and great quality.

What’s Different in the Powersheets from Last Year?

To see a page by page flip through and learn more about everything in the Prep Work, my YouTube video does a much better job of showing you all that you’ll want to know. But let’s sum up some of the things that have changed from the 2021 version.

To be honest, there’s not a lot. There are a few new pages (I’ll talk about those in a second), and there have been some changes to the Cultivated Life Evaluation page with incorporating those categories throughout more of the Powersheets Goal Planner.

I do think they did a better job with giving “educational” pages about the goal setting process. There are quite a few pages to help you know how to set goals, what kinds of goals to set, and how to create your monthly tending list.

Big Picture Vision / Living It Out

This is a new page in the Powersheets Goal Planner. After deciding what is important in the big picture view of your life (the previous page), they give you some room for putting those things into the categories from the Cultivated Life Evaluation and then brainstorming some ideas of how you can live them out.

Cultivated Life Evaluation // Categories, Colors, & Icons

Overall, this page is pretty similar to what has been in past Powersheets. The only thing new to this page is how they gave each of the categories a symbol. These symbols also correlate with a sheet of stickers in the sticker book. So you can use those stickers to help you mark goals from specific categories through the year.

They have always had colors that went along with each of these categories, or goal areas. But this year they used those colors in more areas of Powersheets than they have in the past. Like mentioned before, they refer back to these colors on the Big Picture Vision & Living it Out pages. They also use them in the quarterly refreshes.

I’m thankful that they didn’t incorporate them into the yearly goal page. And if they had put those colors on the yearly goal page, it would have felt like it was limiting your goals to one goal per area/category. Without that, you have the freedom to create multiple goals for a specific category, instead of one per category.

The categories they chose don’t work very well with the categories of goals I like to focus on in my life. So I will probably end up changing the categories, and maybe even the colors (finances is always been green for me, and changing that would just be confusing). I’ve done this in past years too. You don’t need to feel like you need to use the categories they set, if they don’t work for your life. It’s your planner, and your goals. Change up whatever you need to. There are no rules. These pages are there to help you, not order you around.

Types of Goals

Another change they made to the goal process this year is determining three different categories of goals. This is something I’ve heard of for years, so it’s not a new concept that they came up with. But I do like that they worked this into their process this year.

Basically there are three types of goals: Long term, maintenance, and habits. In the 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner, there is a page explaining these types of goals and giving some tips for setting and achieving them. They are also worked into your goal breakdown page (along with the categories), and also include a sheet of stickers with their icons in the sticker book.

Knowing what type of goal you are setting can help you know how to achieve it.

The 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner will change the way you set goals. It is the tool you need to accomplish the important things in your life. Cultivate What Matters.

The Powersheets Accessories

And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without talking about the new Powersheets accessories.

The first year I got the Powersheets Goal Planner I got no accessories. I’m saying this to let you know that you don’t need the accessories to be successful. The magic is in the Powersheets. The accessories are just a bonus, but they don’t help you achieve your goals more than you could by just having the planner alone.

And last year I went all out with the accessories. I wasn’t sure what I would use, and honestly, I just wanted to try a lot of things. Some ended up being flops for me (the Little by Little Journal is beautiful, but it just wasn’t what I needed. Turns out I was really bugged that it didn’t have lines in each entry.  😂 )

This year was kind somewhere in between. I have a few of the main accessories to show you, but I didn’t get everything, or even most of them. But I’m really excited about the things that I chose. I wanted to just get the things that I knew I would use (because they are the things that I actually used last year).

Sticker Book

The sticker books are one of my favorites for sure. So much so, that I have been getting two of them. I like knowing that I have extra of all the stickers.

You can see a full flip-through of the sticker book in this video. My favorite parts of the sticker book are 1. the color coding stickers (flags, dots, and hearts), and 2. the florals & quotes. Okay, maybe that’s three kinds of stickers.

This year they also included color coded stickers that have icons on them that match with the categories of goals in the cultivated life evaluation. There are also gold foiled icons for the different types of goals.

Snap-in Bookmark*

I love bookmarks! I think this Snap-in Bookmark will be perfect for marking where my monthly tending list is. But of course you can put it in wherever works best for you.

The 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner will change the way you set goals. It is the tool you need to accomplish the important things in your life. Cultivate What Matters.

Snap-in Wildcard Holder*

Wildcard pages are smaller pages that you can either purchase a printed set or download for free. There is a large variety of pages that you can choose from, everything from meal planning and decluttering, to books to read and goal overview.

The Snap-in Wildcard Holder makes it possible to put a couple of wildcard pages on it and move it through your Powersheets as you go.

*My guess is that the snap-in accessories will be the things to sell out first. So make sure to grab these if you want them.

The 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner will change the way you set goals. It is the tool you need to accomplish the important things in your life. Cultivate What Matters.

Tending Tape (Washi Tape)

This year there are two options for tending tape: colorful and neutral. Both are beautiful. I love the gold foil and subtle designs on the neutral. And I’m always a fan of the bright colors that are used throughout Powersheets.

I love that when I get the tending tape and sticker book, I have fun decorations to use in my Powersheets Goal Planner that matches with the colors and style that’s already inside the book. And having it decorated just makes it more fun to look at for me, and makes me want to use it more.

The 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner will change the way you set goals. It is the tool you need to accomplish the important things in your life. Cultivate What Matters.

Carry All Pouch

The Carry All Pouch is similar to the Accessory Pouch that they’ve had for a couple of years now, but much larger. It can easily fit the Powersheets Goal Planner, and all your accessories.

I’m always a fan of bags and pouches (they can be used for so many things!), so I was excited to see a larger size. Even if you don’t want to use it to carry your Powersheets (I probably won’t), you could use it for a number of other things.

(You can see it below in the next section too, compared to the size of the regular accessory pouch.)

The 2022 Powersheets Goal Planner will change the way you set goals. It is the tool you need to accomplish the important things in your life. Cultivate What Matters.

Accessory Pouch

The Accessory Pouch was one of my favorites last year! I used it all year to keep my sticker book, markers, and washi together. I love having all the accessories together so I can just grab that when I’m ready to work in my Powersheets.

These pouches are great quality and even after all the tossing around it went through last year, it still looks brand new!

Customizable Bundle

If you are looking for a bundle, the Custom Bundle (no longer available) is definitely the one I would recommend.

You get to choose your Powersheets Goal Planner, the large pouch, the smaller accessory pouch, and then 5 more accessories for $139. (This will give you enough to get free shipping too).

So if you have some of the accessories you want, grab this bundle because it’ll probably end up costing less than if you were to add things individually. It did for me, I tried it. I put less items in my cart and it still would have cost more than this bundle (which gave me extra room for more accessories.

And they have everything listed on the site now so you can play around with the options and see if this one will work for you too.

Why Choose the Powersheets Goal Planner?

The Powersheets Goal Planner is unlike any other goal planner I’ve ever seen. Besides just having the 12 individual monthly sections, the prep work is totally thorough and well thought out to help you make goals based on what matters personally to you. No one here is going to be telling you the goals you need to be setting.

You get a chance to look at your life, where you have been, and where you want to go, and decide what actions you need to take to get you from where you are to where you want to be. For that reason alone, I would recommend Powersheets to everyone. Because you can make a difference, and you can make changes that are important to you! And this is the first step, especially for those that don’t know where to start, to figure out what those goals actually are that will get you where you want to be.

What is a goal that you really want to make happen in 2022? Or even sooner? Let me know in the comments!

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