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Anyone who has ADHD knows it’s all kinds of complicated. So here are a few of my best ADHD tips!

1. Regular Braindumps

We have lots of thoughts. All those ideas, worries, and things to remember just floating around in your head.

Grab an empty notebook and create braindump book where you can put all those things you are thinking of.

Get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper. When you try to remember everything, it just causes stress and anxiety.

2. Journaling

Those with ADHD are especially prone to intense and fast changing emotions.

So make those feelings tangible and write them down in a notebook. Writing down what you are feeling and experiencing helps you to process and move on. No more stinky fish that are just making your life more miserable.

3. Make a List of Your Wins

ADHD tends to make us move quickly past our wins and the things that we accomplish. Yet we also dwell on the areas that we haven’t finished or feel like we failed at. And this makes us feel like we have failed more than we win.

Writing down your wins and accomplishments helps to remind yourself of all the great things you do! (Trust me, there are more that your realize!)