Back to School Planner Reset

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If your planner was feeling a little neglected during the busy summer months,
use this Back to School Planner Reset guide to jump back into it and get organized for the fall.

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Back to School Planner Reset

When school gets out, we welcome the change of summer and the different schedule and types of activities that it brings. But now that school is starting again, we crave the organization needed to make sure that our lives and homes are running smoothly.

So if you are feeling the chaos of a new school year (or even just the changing of the season), then use this back to school planner reset guide to get back into your planner so you can easily keep track of all the new schedules and tasks that keep piling up (and maybe figure out which ones to say no to).

Optional Pre-Step for the Overwhelmed Brain

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things that are going on or need to get done, then the first thing I want you to do is brain dump all those things in your head and get them down on paper.

You can even consider grabbing a bunch of highlighters and assigning one color to each area of life to make it easier to use later (but get all the thoughts on paper before you worry about color coding them).

Keep this paper nearby and as you go through the rest of the process. You can add anything else to this list that you think of as you go that doesn’t have a place in your planner yet. And you’ll be able to use it to add these things into your planner in an organized way (so you’ll know where to find them later).

Step 1: Monthly Calendar

The first thing is to put any appointments, events, holidays, birthdays, etc. on your monthly calendar. Basically anything that you know of going on this month (or next month if it’s the end of the month when you are doing this).

This will help give you an overall view of what life will look like in the near future. There’s something about just being able to see what is going on and when that helps to give better perspective on what your time will look like. Even if it’s busy, at least you’ll know where you stand.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Next Week

Now I want you to set up your weekly view (or the next week of days if you use a daily planner). If it’s the beginning of the week, then do this week (or if it’s Friday and you are crazy anxious about all that you need to get done in the next couple of days). Or you can start for next week if that makes sense for you.

*Note: It’s up to you whether you want to use stickers or not. However, I’ll just say that if you are feeling especially stressed and the thought of setting up your week (or month) feels overwhelming or like it will take too long, consider skipping the stickers/decorations and just making it totally functional. If the stickers make you more excited to plan, then go ahead and fill that page with pretty colors and designs! Whatever it is, make it easy on yourself.

If you made a brain dump list in the beginning, look over this list now (if you haven’t already) and see if there is anything that you can add to your monthly or weekly calendar from it.

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Step 3: Create a Master To Do List

Find a place in your planner for a master to do list. This can be on a notes page, on sticky notes stuck to the inside cover, or another piece of paper held in with a paperclip.

You can make it pretty, and/or categorize it, but the most important thing is to write down all those things that need to get done. Use this list and look at your week again and see where some of these items can fit in. Keep in mind your limited time, and don’t be afraid to push things to another week that aren’t urgent. You can only do so much in a day, so don’t over extend yourself.

Step 4: Reset List

I have one more list I want you to make. And this might overlap with the master to do list and other things that you’ve already put on your calendar (which just means that when you do it you’ll get to check it off twice).

This is the Reset List. You can make it once for what you need right now, or make something that can be reoccurring each month or week.

Right now: If you make the list for right now, I want you to include those things that are just eating away at your peace. Which usually means the things we are procrastinating or things that have gotten out of control. This can include cleaning tasks like laundry or dishes, or things like errands/returns, projects that are two steps away from being finished, or paper work that needs to be turned in.

Make a list and dedicate some time to getting these things out of the way. You’ll feel so much better when they aren’t hanging over your head and you can easily focus on the new things that are coming up during back to school time.

Weekly/Monthly Reset: I’m also a huge fan of a regular reset. These are tasks that need to be done at regular intervals to keep your home and life running smoothly. Some of these could look like items on the “right now” list (like cleaning tasks), but they are more regular maintenance tasks rather than one time or catch up tasks.

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Step 5: Plan in some self care activities

I know most people look at self care as times of relaxation and luxury. And those certainly count too. But self care can also be showering, planning and prepping meals ahead of time (or even planning simple meals that don’t take much energy to execute), exercise, or 5 minutes outside to clear your head.

It’s possible (likely?) that there are a lot of people who are or will be demanding your attention. It’s so important to take care of yourself so you’ll have the energy and mental capacity to do all the other things too.

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