The 5 Best Planners for ADHD

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The planner options are endless. But ADHD brains think differently and sometimes have different needs when it comes to a planner that will actually help you get organized. I’ve seen the value that all these planners have had in my own life, and that’s why they are the best planners for ADHD.

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The 5 Best Planners for ADHD

We know that ADHD makes a lot of normal day things seem extra hard. One of the best things I’ve ever done to stay organized with ADHD is use a planner (or more than one, but that’s a topic for another time).

But not all planners are built the same. And some will just be better for those with ADHD than others will. That’s why I’ve created this list of the 5 best planners for ADHD.

1. Bullet Journal

What it is

The Bullet Journal isn’t so much a particular brand of planner, but a style of planning. But don’t go searching on Pinterest for bullet journal ideas just yet. The original concept of a bullet journal has changed drastically since it’s creation by Ryder Carroll (a fellow ADHDer).

Basically speaking, a bullet journal (or often referred to as bujo) is a notebook. There are plenty of really nice notebooks perfect for using as a bullet journal. But you can really use anything, including plain printer paper.

I’m really a fan of the original bullet journal style (really, go check out that link or this video!).

But many people have taken it to a whole new level with creative spreads where they build an entire planner themselves by drawing it out, one spread at a time. That’s where a Pinterest search will give you endless ideas and possibilities. But I actually don’t recommend this for those with ADHD unless you are really craving a creative outlet and don’t have a perfectionist tendency (because I can guarantee that mistakes will be made).

Why it’s good for ADHD

The Bullet Journal has a reputation for being one of the best planners for ADHD. Probably because Ryder Carroll also has ADHD. And the original style of bullet journaling is awesome for ADHD because it gives you a place to write down #allthethings. Plus, because you are creating your days as you go, you can change up the style of it if you get bored (hello again, Pinterest).

It’s flexible enough to change as your needs change, but also has enough of a structure so that you will know where to actually write down what you need to write down.

two notebooks; one light purple and one teal

Where to get it

Like mentioned above, just about any notebook will do. However, I do have a couple of favorites.

The Clever Fox Dotted Journal 2.0 is awesome! It is set up to be a bullet journal, with page numbers and an index. The paper is so good! I love using Papermate Flair pens on it for the bold lines, and they don’t bleed through or shadow at all.

See how I use the Clever Fox Dotted Journal 2.0 in this post.

You can get 10% off your order at Clever Fox with my code MSBL10.

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And another favorite, but slightly more expensive, are the notebooks from Archer and Olive. But they are beautiful! They have many different sizes, different colored papers, and the paper is amazingly thick (perfect for those wanting to use markers and paint).

And I have a discount code for Archer & Olive too. Get 10% off with code MSBL10.

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Both notebooks are amazing and I love them for different reasons. Archer and Olive is higher quality paper and a hardbound book, while the Clever Fox notebook covers are more flexible (the paper is still really good quality too, just not as thick). No matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

2. On the Go Folio & Petite Planners

What it is

The On the Go Folio and Petite Planner System is made by Erin Condren and is essentially the same style as a Traveler’s Notebook system.

The folio itself is a cover with 4 elastics inside that individual books can be placed in to create a custom planner.

Why it’s good for ADHD

Because the individual books (Petite Planners & Journals) within your folio are easily switched out, your planner can change as your needs change. Or keep the inside books the same and switch out the cover for a fresh look (we gotta keep from being bored with our planners, right?). The ability to switch it up definitely makes it one of the best planners for ADHD.

two erin condren on the go folios (traveler's notebook style planner)

Where to get it

You can see the entire Petite Planner System here. Pick a cover and some of your favorite planners and you’ll be ready to go. Or grab a Petite Journal and you can even do the bullet journal style planner in the On the Go Folio system, and then add more specific planners to keep with it.

My favorite Petite Planner Inserts:

3. EC Daily Duo

What it is

Also made by Erin Condren, this is their daily LifePlanner. It’s called “Daily Duo” because it comes in two planners of 6 months each.

Erin Condren Daily Duo Planner with three markers

Why it’s good for ADHD

I firmly believe that daily planners are really good for those with ADHD.

First of all, because they have lots of room to write down all those thoughts that we have. Also, it’s really great to be able to turn the page and start over the next day with a whole new batch of thoughts.

The feature that I especially love about the Erin Condren daily planner that makes it one of the best planners for ADHD is that at the end of each week there is a lined notes page. Yep, you’ve guessed it. More room for all the thoughts.

Where to get it

You can find the Erin Condren Daily Duo here. Also, sign up for your EC account here and get $10 off on your first purchase.

Erin Condren Referral

4. Plum Paper

What it is

Plum Paper Planners are by far one of the most customizable planners that I know of. And I really love their paper (it’s super smooth!). And customizable planners are often the best planners for ADHD. We just need to have things a certain way.

They come in various sizes and layouts, plus have tons of different add-ons that you can include in your planner (both within the month or in the back) to make it fit exactly what you need. Is it any surprise that one of my favorite add-ons is extra notes paper? (#obsessed).

Why it’s good for ADHD

Plum Paper Planners are one of the best planners for ADHD because they are so customizable. If you need one planner to handle all of your life stuff going on, this is the one for you. Everything from cleaning and fitness and memory journaling pages. They have dozens of options to organize all parts of your life in one planner.

Plus, you can start your Plum Paper Planner any month of the year so there’s never any wasted months.

Where to get it

They can be ordered on their website here.

If you want to get $10 off your first purchase of $30 or more at Plum Paper, send me an email at [plumpaper at laurenplans dot com]. I know this is an annoying way to do it, but that’s just how their referral program works. Sadly I can’t just give you a link to click for this one. ** Please keep in mind that in order for this to work, you need to have NOT created an account with the email address before. If an account at Plum Paper already exists, it will just give me an error and not send the link to you**

5. MakseLife

What it is

MakseLife is a planner and goal setting system in one. Designed by a life coach, its full of tips and encouragement to set the best goals to move you forward towards the life you really want to be living.

Why it’s good for ADHD

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a real thing for many of us with ADHD. The MakseLife Planner gives you the space to keep your goals right next to your weekly plans so they are also right in front of you. And that alone makes it one of the best planners for ADHD.

It’s also the best goal system I’ve seen for breaking down goals from yearly to monthly and then weekly action items. And my favorite part is the reflection page each week so you can evaluate what was working and what wasn’t; an essential step for those with ADHD learning how to make positive changes in their life.

Where to get it

The MäksēLife Planner can be found on their website here. And you can get 10% off when you use my code: LAURENMSBL

There are weekly options (both horizontal and vertical), a quarterly daily version, and even a digital version.

You can also get just the goal setting system in the Companion Notebooks (no calendar pages) if you are looking for a great goal planner, but have another regular planner that you love to use already.

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Wrapping it up

Having a planner (and using it) when you have ADHD is a really great way to keep your life more organized. It’s not going to do the tasks for you, but it will help you remember that you wanted to do them in the first place. I love all of these planners and they all have unique features that make them the best planners for ADHD.

My Something Beautiful Life

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