5 Nice (free) Things to Take Care of You

Although not quite over yet, summer is quickly winding down. And with the holidays coming up, it seems like fall moves into winter so quickly. So in all the chaos, don’t forget to take care of you!

5 Nice Things to do for Yourself | Self Care Ideas

I know it is still a little early to be talking about the holidays. And the weather definitely doesn’t feel like Autumn yet. But I feel like this transition moves so much faster than it seems like it will. And between school starting up again and beginning to make Holiday plans, we can sometimes put our own self care on the back burner.

So today I am sharing with you 5 free things you can do that to be nice to yourself, and hopefully eliminate some of the natural stress of just life in general.

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What I Learned During My No Spend Month

No Spend Month | Zero Spend Month | Zero Spend Challenge | No Spend Challenge | Finance | Budget | My Something Beautiful Life

Let’s face it, sometimes money is not our favorite thing to talk about, let alone deal with. But it is one of those necessary evils that we just can’t ignore for too long before it becomes a real problem.

Well, I really like ignoring money. Mostly, I like to pretend that I have a lot more than I do, and that usually gets me into trouble. Opps.

So after reading (actually, listening to) Ruth Soukup’s book Living Well Spending Less, I decided that my finances needed help.

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My First Filofax | Personal Finsbury

I’ve wanted a Filofax for years. And I always thought that the A5 Malden would be the first one I would end up getting. But I love my Personal Finsbury!Filofax Personal Finsbury Raspberry | Planner Review | Filofax Review | My Something Beautiful Life

Okay, I cannot even tell you how excited I am right now!! A few days ago I ordered my first Filofax from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and it just came in the mail, like 10 minutes ago. And now I want to show you my new baby and explain a little about what I plan to do with it.

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