Clever Fox Food Journal Review

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The Clever Fox Food Journal is the most comprehensive way to track your food and nutrition I’ve seen. They’ve put together a complete planner to help you reach your health goals.

The Clever Fox Food Journal is perfect for tracking food and your health to help you meet your health goals. #cleverfox #foodjournal #foodtracking

I received the Clever Fox Food Journal from Clever Fox  for free to review. I will always give my honest opinion.

I’ve got another Clever Fox Planner to share with you today! And I’ve got to say that I think it’s one of my favorites…

It’s the Clever Fox Food Journal. I’ve been working to get my health (and everything involved in that) back on track from where I was before Thanksgiving… and so I was really excited to be able to try out the Clever Fox Food Journal.

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But with said, let’s jump into the planner!

Quality of the Clever Fox Food Journal

All of the Clever Fox products that I’ve tried have been amazing! I’m so impressed with the features and quality of materials that they put into their products. The Food Journal is no exception.

The cover is slightly different than the other planners I’ve tried. While the Budget Book and Weekly Planner have hard covers, the Clever Fox Food Journal cover is more flexible. It is similar to the Budget Book in the texture of it, and it also has the embossed designs, which I love.

It also has the elastic closure, pen loop, and three ribbon page markers. I got the yellow cover (it is almost a lime green color), and so all the add-ons are lavender. This color combination is so so bright and cheery; it’s just fun.

The Clever Fox Food Journal is perfect for tracking food and your health to help you meet your health goals. #cleverfox #foodjournal #foodtracking

It comes with three sheets of health related stickers. They are matte paper, with some touches of gold foiling.

And just like with other Clever Fox planners, the paper is amazing! It is 120 gsm, and so thick and smooth. I’ve tried various pens on it from Papermate Flairs to InkJoy Gel, even Mildliners, and they all work perfectly and don’t bleed or shadow.

The color on the inside is fairly neutral with grayish tones of blue and green. Each of the daily pages fades between the different shades as you flip through the pages.

They also use stitched binding which allows each page to lay flat, anywhere in the book. It’s perfect for anyone who struggles with trying to write near the binding (all of us??). I didn’t even realize how much traditional binding bothered me until I tried these planners that allow the pages to lay flat.

On the Inside

But like with any planner, what is on the inside of the Clever Fox Food Journal is what really matters.

Where it Starts

On the first page you will fill out is your starting point. This is where you can track where you are AND where you want to go. I love how Clever Fox always makes goal setting a main focus of their planners. We need direction to make progress. And they don’t just focus on what your goal is, they always add in something to focus on why you want to achieve that goal.

And as someone who isn’t motivated by rewards, but is motivated by my why, this is the most important thing that I could focus on to encourage myself to take action. The end result is more important to me than any other reward I could promise myself. I really appreciate that added in a way for the “why” to be a focus of your goals.

The Clever Fox Food Journal is perfect for tracking food and your health to help you meet your health goals. #cleverfox #foodjournal #foodtracking

99% of the Food Journal

It would be misleading if the majority of this planner was not actually a food journal. But no worries, because it is.

After the starting point page, it jumps right into the daily food journal pages. And these pages can hold a lot of information! I should also probably mention here that this is an undated planner… or book. There is no calendar either so I don’t know that it counts as a planner. But regardless, it is undated. And there are enough pages to last for 6 months of daily food tracking.

The Clever Fox Food Journal is perfect for tracking food and your health to help you meet your health goals. #cleverfox #foodjournal #foodtracking

The main portion of the page is for tracking your food. It is divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Each section has plenty of room to write your meal. Plus then there is space for tracking the serving, calories, protein, fat, and carbs.

Each page also has room for tracking stats such as your weight, sleep, water, mood, energy, and activity. There are a few check boxes that also help you keep track of things you might be avoiding like sugar, gluten, and lactose.

I do wish there was more of an area for tracking exercise. There is an activity bar, but I’d love a space to track a little more specifically. Even just a little notes space at the bottom could be used for tracking exercise, journaling, or anything else that someone might need on a daily basis.

Reference Pages

At the end of the book there are a few additional pages for tracking more general information. The first page is a measurements tracker for the entire 6 months with weekly check-ins.

The Clever Fox Food Journal is perfect for tracking food and your health to help you meet your health goals. #cleverfox #foodjournal #foodtracking

And then next is the results page for being able to compare where you started to where you are at the end of the 6 months. The bottom of this page has a box for whether you met your goal or not. It says that if you didn’t meet your goal, why not and how can you improve next time. Even if you don’t make as much progress as you hope, it’s good to take some time to think about why. Find out what things made it more difficult and what you can do to overcome those in the future. Even getting better by small degrees is progress.

The next two pages are a product list where you can keep your favorite and most used foods for reference. This makes it easy to reference foods that you eat often, so you don’t need to search for the information each time. I love having things like this in an easy to access place. I do wish there was more room for more foods. But I love that they thought to include this at all.

And since the rest of the book is notes pages, those could also be used to keep track of more foods if needed.

There are about 20 notes pages in the Clever Fox Food Journal. Clever Fox is really good about always having more notes pages than standard planners do (their weekly planner has about 50 notes pages in the back!). I used mine for making a list of some of my favorite meals, and I will also include pages for certain vitamins and what their benefits are. This is a great option to include any information that is important to you. We each have different health needs and I love how this makes it easy to personalize your Food Journal to your needs.

More About the Clever Fox Food Journal

If you’d like to see more about the Clever Fox Food Journal, I also made a YouTube video flipping through the planner and showing its features.

The Clever Fox Food Journal is an amazing tool for tracking what you eat. I love that they include areas to track your mood and energy so you can look back and see how what you are eating is affecting how you feel.

Do you track your food? What parts of your nutrition and health are important for you to track.

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