Clever Fox Password Book Review

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There are passwords to everything now, and to be honest, they are a pain to try to remember. The Clever Fox Password Book is perfect for keeping track of all my logins and other important tech information.

Organize your passwords and login information with the password book from Clever Fox! #organizationhack

Clever Fox provided me with this Password Book for free to review. I love Clever Fox products and I will always give my honest opinion.

I’m drowning in passwords. Every website now wants you to log in. And then there are apps. And of course we can’t forget email addresses. Please tell me I’m not the only person who has more than one email address!

I’ve tried to create a master document where I keep them safe, or put them in the back of my planner. But there are too many to keep up with. And I’m always losing random passwords on sticky notes around my desk (or forgetting what they go to).

Clever Fox Password Book

But Clever Fox created a new password book and it’s genius! It comes in three different sizes, has nothing on it that distinguishes it as a password book, and has the same awesome features as the other Clever Fox products I’ve tried.

I’ll go over all the important info for you, and show you lots of pictures of the password book, but if you’d like to see the video flip through, you can find it here on YouTube:

The Specs

The password book I choose is 4 x 5.5 inches, but it also comes in two larger sizes: 5 x 7.5 inches or 7×10 inches in case you are looking for something bigger.

I have the Peach Pink color which I love! Clever Fox always offers a variety of colors for all their products, so you’re sure to find something you love. And if the one you want is sold out, check back often. They are really good about restocking products!

Consistent with other Clever Fox products, the Password Book has many of the same great features. My favorites are the smooth leather type feel of the hard cover, and the elastic closure strap. While I don’t recommend carrying a password book with you, I love that the strap and durable cover make it easy to throw in your bag without worrying about the pages getting bent.

The paper in this book, and all Clever Fox products demands its own paragraph. It is bright white, smooth, 120 GSM paper. I don’t get any shadowing or bleed-through from any of the standard pens I have tried on it. Sharpie? Yeah, that’ll probably bleed through a bit. But the regular pens that you use on a daily basis in a notebook shouldn’t be a problem. I usually use Pentel EnerGel, Papermate InkJoy Gel, Papermate Flairs, Mildliner Highlighters, and Erin Condren Dual Tip Markers. I haven’t had a problem with any of those even shadowing.

Other features included are the elastic pen loop (which is big enough to hold a Papermate Flair), ribbon bookmark, and the pocket on the back cover.

It also uses a stitched binding for lay flat pages. No more awkward ridge in the middle that makes it hard to write close to the spine. This is especially important when you are using such a small book like this.

The Inside Pages

I doubt you’ll be surprised that that the majority of the Clever Fox Password Book is pages for your passwords.

It is designed with tab cutouts on the edge of the pages with all the letters of the alphabet, grouped into 2-3 letters in each section. I can’t speak for the medium size book, but the pocket size has eight pages for each group of letters with enough room for four entries per page (32 total per section).

Organize your passwords and login information with the password book from Clever Fox! #organizationhack

I was really surprised to see that it doesn’t just contain room for passwords though. In the back there are also extra pages for information like your router and modem settings, software licence keys, and your most accessed website logins. There are even a few notes pages in the back for adding in any addition information that you might need space for.

Keep Your Info Safe

I know there is controversy over whether you should write down your passwords or not. I’m a firm believer that you do need to have them stored somewhere. Not just for yourself, but in the case that in an emergency, someone else can get to something they may need if you can’t. And I speak from experience on this.

There are things you can do to help it stay secure though.

First, I don’t plan to ever take this with me outside of my home. From the outside, it just looks like a small notebook. It would be hard to recognize as something with important information in it without knowing what to look for. The threat of someone breaking in and taking my password book is lower than that of someone trying to steal them stored digitally. A hacker can’t get to a book sitting in my home.

And the final suggestion I want to make about this is to write your passwords in a code or abbreviations. Certain family members know what my system is, but anyone from the outside wouldn’t even know what to do with it if they found it.

There really is no fool-proof way to keep any information safe, but you have the option to choose which method works best for you, and which way makes you feel most secure.

Overall, I really love the Clever Fox Password Book. It is such good quality! And having all my login information in one place solves a problem for me that I’ve been struggling with for awhile. I have more peace of mind knowing that all this information is stored in one place.

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Organize your passwords and login information with the password book from Clever Fox! #organizationhack

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