Day Designer Daily for BlueSky Review

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If you like to plan your day down to the details, then Day Designer might be the perfect planner for you!

Day Designer Planner with text "Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner Review"

Day Designer for BlueSky  (the one sold at Target)

Although very similar, this is not the same planner that you can buy from There are some differences in design and quality, and it is substantially less expensive. But this is the version that is sold at Target  (sadly, the one I purchased seems to be out of stock at Target, along with the black and white stripe version. I’m hoping there will be another shipment coming in before the fall, or maybe as a 2019 planner. But you can still get it on Amazon here).

monthly calendar in day designer

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Features of the Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner from Target

  • Price: About $20
  • Dated Monthly/Daily Planner (They do have monthly/weekly and half size daily planners also at Target)
  • Clear (frosted) cover over decorative design. This is a soft cover with twin-rings binding. Not the hard cover of the original (but you save about $30 off the cost!)
  • Size: About 8×10 inches according to the description, but I feel like it is slightly larger than that. There is plenty of room to write! It is about an inch thick.
  • Double sided pocket insert (cardstock, not laminated)
  • 2 sheets of gold foiled stickers (there’s a picture at the end of the post. Both sheets are the same)
  • Snap in plastic ruler/page marker

I’m pretty impressed with all the extras that came with this planner with it just being around $20!

Day Designer page layout

What I’m Loving about the Day Designer Planner

So much space to write in!! I can’t emphasize that enough! There is a full page for each day. On each Monday-Friday page you have 3 columns: Hourly (6am-8pm in half hour blocks), To Do List, and Notes. In addition to that, there is a large amount of space at the top of the page, daily gratitude, a “tonight” box (which I use for meal plans), top 3 tasks for the day, and a quote.

Plenty. Of. Room.

Oh, and did I mention there is a monthly overview too? Because there is. So mark your events and appointments in the monthly space, and then transfer them to the days as you go.

*Note: the weekends are laid out differently than the rest of the week. Saturday and Sunday share a page. It has an hourly schedule for each, a combined to do list, combined gratitude, a box for next week, and a box for don’t forget. Still plenty of space, just a little different.*

It’s also worth mentioning that because it is the Blue Sky version sold at Target, instead of the Day Designer Flagship version sold on their site, it is a lot less expensive. This makes it a much better option for someone looking for a planner on a budget.

notes page in day designer

The Downside:

  • Size: This is not going to be a planner you want to carry around with you everywhere. It is a beast. I’m perfectly content letting it sit on the table where I can reference it.
  • Paper: It seemed a little thin to me; but like I’ve said before, I’m a paper snob. However, after using for awhile I’ve noticed very little shadowing and no bleeding (I use Pentel Energel & Pilot G2 pens with no problems). So the paper bothers me a whole lot less than I thought it would.
  • Not enough note pages. Although there is TONS of room on each daily page, there are only a few note pages throughout the planner. And I like to have at least one a month, with the month. There are 5 or so mixed in with the monthly and daily pages, then 7 double sided pages in the back.
  • I wish it had the hard cover like the ones on, but for the price, I really can’t complain too much!
Day designer gold planner stickers

Who will love the Day Designer Planner?

  • If you have a lot going on in your life that you need to keep track of daily, or if you like to plan your days around time blocking.
  • Students – Plenty of space for your schedule, assignment or class notes, and tasks.
  • Professionals – This would make an awesome work planner if you need to keep track of appointments, tasks, and daily notes.
  • If you need a break from decorating. Not that this planner can’t be decorated, but I found it to be something that was really easy to skip decorating because I knew if I really wanted to, I’d have another chance tomorrow. I haven’t worried about making this pretty, it is purely functional and it works perfectly that way.

I can’t help but love all that Day Designer has to offer with this planner. The functionality of it is amazing! It can easily be customized to fit everything that you need to track.

But, I can also see how there is potential to decorate it too. Stickers of all kinds could be used, along with washi (for time blocking of course! ;)) Really, it is just what you make it to be.

Plus, if you think you’d be interested in the original Day Designer, you can try out their pages as a free printable!

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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