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The Holidays will be here before we know it. And the sooner we get our gifts done, the sooner we can relax with our family and enjoy the season. These easy holiday gift ideas are perfect for getting your shopping done quickly and getting them something they will love!

Planners and stationary Erin Condren Holiday Collection

The products in this post were sent to me for free from Erin Condren. I choose to use, share, and promote Erin Condren products because I love them and have found them helpful in keeping me organized.

Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas

I struggle every year trying to figure out what to get people. You know those people who are just sooo hard to buy for! Either they have everything they need already or you don’t even know what they might like. There’s a lot of pressure that goes along with gift giving in general.

At least birthdays don’t all come at the same time. But then we get to this time of year and it seems like you need to figure out the deepest desires of everyone you know- all at the same time. Maybe even more than one thing for some people (I have two birthdays in my family during November & December too). That’s a lot of gifts to be thinking about. And keep track of.

Erin Condren has made it easy to get multiple gifts checked off your list at the same time. And maybe even snag a treat for yourself too (we call this a “Happy Present Day” in my family- you know, that day when something you ordered yourself shows up in the mail).

So check out these items from the Erin Condren Holiday Collection. I’ll bet that you can check a few people off your list quickly. And you can get free shipping with orders of $78+. More reason to grab a bunch of gifts at once, and a little something for yourself too. 😀

**Sadly, please note that due to the supply chain issues, some of the products mentioned in this post aren’t available yet (the packing cubes & flora accordion pouch). I’ve been told that they are expected to arrive within the next two weeks (from November 4th), and that as soon as they arrive they will be available on the website. I will do my best to update links as soon as possible.**

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Planner

I feel like this is the category where we would mostly be buying gifts for ourselves. Because we know what we want. But in case you need an idea for a soon-to-be-planner, these are some really great options for them too. And then you’ll have an excuse to slip something into the cart for yourself too. 😉

Pocket Planner

The Erin Condren Pocket Planner is perfect for taking your plans with you on the go. It’s petite size is perfect for tossing in a purse or bag.

This tiny planner is only 3.5 x 6.25 inches in size. It could actually fit in your pocket.

I love the beautiful Flora design of this particular Pocket Planner. But there are also more designs to fit every style.

And while the Pocket Planner is perfect for taking your plans with you, it would also be great as a mini daily journal or gratitude journal. (I love journaling in planners!)

Erin Condren Floral Pocket Planner

Ultimate Planny Pack

The Planny Pack had been a staple in the Erin Condren world for many years. This year they took it to a whole new level with the Ultimate Planny Pack. And I can’t even tell you how much I love the Flora design on this one! And there are more designs for those that prefer the non-floral patterns too.

There are a few things that make the Ultimate Planny Pack different than the regular Planny Pack. First is that the zipper wraps around two sides of the pouch instead of just one. Second is that the external pocket is on the front, not the back behind the elastic. And third is my favorite. Inside the Ultimate Planny Pack there are interior pockets for organizing and holding your supplies.

This new Planny Pack makes a perfect gift idea for any planner. We all have pens to keep track of, and any of the Planny Packs make it so easy to keep all our planning tools with our planner at all times.

Erin Condren Ultimate Planny Pack

Ultra Fine Tip Markers

Most planners are also pen enthusiasts. The Ultra Fine Tip Markers are one of the newer additions to the Erin Condren writing tool lineup. And who doesn’t like trying out a new set of pens?! I’ve even received duplicates of pens that I already have as gifts and I still love them just as much because I’m always going through my favorite pens!

These Ultra Fine Tip Markers have a tip of .3mm and come in a pack of 12 colors.

Erin Condren Fine Tip Markers

Monthly Planner

Your planner lovers may have already picked out their planner for 2022. But what I love about the Erin Condren Monthly Planners is that they are so flexible for more specific needs. I’ve used them for my blog & YouTube planning, home planner (like cleaning and home maintenance), garden planning, and budgeting. But there are so many other ways they can be used too! (Check out this post of different ways to use the Monthly Planners!)

The Monthly Planner is different from the LifePlanner because instead of weekly spreads, after each monthly calendar it just has a bunch of notes pages. You can also add extra notes pages to the back for even more planning space.

Erin Condren Planner Holiday Cover

Interchangable Planner & Notebook Covers

And for the planner that already has everything, they could always use another interchangable cover. You can even make it completely original and personalized with a photo.

I especially love the new seasonal designs! Having a variety of covers to use helps me not get bored with my planner. So instead of spending the money for a whole new planner, and setting it up all over again, I just switch out the cover and it feels fresh again.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Travel Gift Set

These new gift sets from Erin Condren make easy and beautiful gifts. Each one comes with a four items matching with a specific theme, that makes a perfect, ready to go gift for those on your list.

The Traveler’s Gift Set includes a Petite Travel Journal, Rose Gold Pen, Travel-sized Refillable Hand Sanitizer bottle in a leather key chain case, and a Travel Pouch.

Erin Condren Travel Gift Set

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Packing Cubes Set

Packing Cubes are the perfect, practical gift for the traveler in your life. These Flora patterned packing cubes are beautiful and feminine, but can hold so much in them! Trust me, I tried it!

Using packing cubes can make staying organized while traveling so much easier. My stuff always ends up a jumbled mess by the time I get home. Having everything still organized (and not falling out) towards the end of the trip would be a gift in itself.

Pink Floral Packing Cubes

Accordion Bag

Matching with the Packing Cubes, this Accordion Bag with three compartments is a great addition for organizing other items on the go. I love the idea of using it for toiletries & make-up, but it could be used to keep many other items organized while traveling.

Pink Floral Accordion Pouch

Self Care Holiday Gift Ideas

Self Care Gift Set

Another of the new Gift Sets is this Wellness Gift Set that I’m just in love with! I’m a huge advocate for taking time to recharge and I love the items included in this set.

This set includes a Wellness Notepad, Rose Gold Pen, Travel Mug, and Woven Basket. This set is so beautiful, and I love how easy it is to give as a gift.

Self Care Gift Set
Image from

Year Over Year Journal

The Year Over Year Journal is an easy way to implement journaling into any routine. With short sections for each day, for two years, this journal will give them a chance to see how far they’ve come over the course of a year.

Progress is often hard to measure on a day to day basis. But being able to look at the difference that can be made over a full year. We make more progress than we realize.

Believe Bracelet

This Stackable Bracelet with a “Believe” charm is a beautiful gift idea for helping to encourage and uplift the women in your life all year long. And actually, it can be used as a necklace too.

Gold Bracelet with Believe Charm & Gift Box

EttaVee Personalized Stationary Set

Share kindness with a Personalized Stationary Set designed by the amazingly talented Jessi from EttaVee. The bright colors are gorgeous and full of happiness.

Each Stationary Set comes with 20 flat or folded cards, envelopes, and seals. Everything is contained in a sturdy box to protect the cards until they are used.

Etta Vee Stationary Set

Holiday Gift Ideas for Organizing

Acrylic Desk Organizer Bookends

For the professional, these beautiful acrylic Desk Organizer Bookends are perfect for keeping pens, notebooks, and other small office supplies neatly contained.

I love the functionality of these! There are various sizes of spaces to store supplies, along with both slotted spaces and cup style containers for pens or similar items. And one of my favorite features is that the bottom of each has rubber dots on the corners that make them stay in place and keep them from sliding around. This is such an important feature since they are bookends… even with the heavy planners and books that I placed between them, they were able to hold them up without slipping.

Planners between acrylic bookends

Acrylic Perpetual Calendar Organizer

I love this Acrylic Perpetual Calendar Desk Organizer! It is so cool! It comes with six cards (two months on each, the front and back) with the title of each month. When the card is lined up to where the 1st of the month should appear on the calendar, the rest of the numbers will also line up with the right days of the week.

It also has a space behind the calendar section for pens or other office supplies to be stored, and a space to the side that can also hold some smaller items (like washi tape or paper/binder clips).

And it matches perfectly with the Organizer Bookends.

acrylic perpetual calendar and office supplies

Eco-Friendly Office Essentials Set

Erin Condren Eco Friendly Office Essentials Set Box

This beautiful Office Essentials Set is perfect for the professional. This eco-friendly set includes two pens, a ruler, washi tape, notepad, paper clips, and binder clips.

And the eco-friendly case keeps everything together at their desk or on the go.

“Motivate” Metal Bookmark

These beautiful Metal Bookmarks are the perfect simple gift or stocking stuffer for professionals, book lovers, or planners.

They are flat and still have the ability to hold a few pages together so you can find your place easily without adding too much bulk. I also love these just for decoration. I put them on the front of my planner for added motivation. Or I also love placing them in my pen cup.

Open Journal with Motivate Metal Bookmark

Gift Giving Doesn’t Need to be Hard

If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time trying to find just the right gift for everyone on your list. It’s not just about giving them something, but about finding that thing that is just right.

The new holiday gift collection from Erin Condren has a variety of items so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for multiple people on your list.

And I love the idea of getting many gifts at one time. It makes it so nice to be able to check off a bunch of stuff you’re looking for, all at once! Plus, you get free shipping on orders of $78 or more. Extra bonus. And you can save $10 on your first order from Erin Condren by signing up through my referral link here.

Save $10 on your first purchase from Erin Condren. #erincondren #planners #2020plannerlineup

There are so many more new products (and the same products in different designs) so be sure to check them all out!

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