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If you are looking for a new way to improve your faith study, the Erin Condren Faith Journal may be the perfect refresh you need.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free from Erin Condren. I choose to use and promote Erin Condren products because I love them.

I think we all get a little off track sometimes. I know I do. It can be difficult to put the time into our priorities that they deserve, or to even remember what they are. It’s easy to get distracted by all the things yelling to get our attention these days.

And sometimes something happens that almost forces us to refocus on what really matters.

That’s what happened to me last month.

And it sounds so easy to say, “I have anxiety.” It’s not nearly as easy to live with it. And we all have something. It’s easy to say, but the depths to which it shakes us is so much more complicated to explain. I could try, but you know what your things are. And that’s enough.

What matters more is what we do when it happens.

For me, with anxiety (and so many other things), I always make sure that I’m refocused on God and what He wants me to be doing; to be focused on.

And these Faith Journals from Erin Condren are so perfect for me at this time to help me strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior.

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But for those who aren’t Christian, or even religious, but still want a tool that will help you refocus on growing your faith, any faith, there is an EC Faith Journal for you too.

In fact, Erin Condren released two new Faith Journals/Planners last month designed to help you spend time each day to improve your faith. I love how they are designed. They are so well thought out and just simply beautiful.

I have both versions to show you today: the Daily Faith Journal, and the Daily Christian Faith Journal. Both are very similar, but designed to help each individual find the one that works best for them and their faith.

I also have some accessories to go along with them and I can’t wait to show you how I will be using them. Also be sure to follow along on Instagram to see more of how I use these new Faith Journals.

You can also see a flip-through of both and all the accessories on YouTube where I talk more about how I’m going to be using them.

Erin Condren Daily Faith Journal

Overall, both Faith Journals are very similar. The main difference being that the Christian Faith Journal includes Bible verses and mentions God. The non-denominational version references only your faith.

Both have a beautiful watercolor design throughout the journal, but each book has a different color scheme for the design.

The Faith Journals are A5 size, and include four side tabs: one for each of the 3 months that it covers, and one for a notes section in the back.

Cover Options

There are two cover choices for each of the Faith Journals. One is customizable with a quote/text of your choice, two color options, and your name. The second is less flexible with a specific quote design on the front with a white background. But you still have the option to customize with your name, or another short text, at the bottom.

Christian Faith Journal – Custom Quote Cover

Faith Journal – Custom Quote Cover

Christian Faith Journal – With God Cover

Faith Journal – Rise Cover

I choose the custom quote for each of my covers. You can see how I picked different colors and quotes for each, and then personalized them with my name.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

In the Beginning

Each starts with a few prompts for you to evaluate where you are starting from and what you want to gain from focusing on your faith.

Both of the Daily Faith Journals includes enough pages for three months of monthly, weekly, and daily reflection. I appreciate that they are daily because I believe this is something you absolutely need to focus on each day for the most benefit. However, you can still choose to use it occasionally if that works better for what you need.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

These Faith Journals also have pages for important dates, and a prayer list. There are two pages for important dates, and four pages for a prayer list. And because these are 3-month journals (with daily use), this should be plenty of space for tracking these things!

Monthly Overview

Each month gives you a place to set goals for your faith and take note of important dates.

The Christian Faith Planner has a Bible verse at the top of the page too, while the Faith Journal does not.

Weekly Overview

The weekly overview includes prompts for you to set goals and intentions for the week.

But the part that I especially love is the habits tracker! This can be so helpful in encouraging us to do the smaller things each day that will help us grow our faith. This can be common (but still really important) things like studying the scriptures and praying. But could also include individual daily goals like focusing on gratitude, or doing something kind for someone else.

Daily Reflection

The daily pages give you space to reflect on something each day with space to write your thoughts about it.

And my favorite part of the daily page is a section for daily gratitude! I’m learning more and more that gratitude is essential for happiness. It can increase our spirituality, contentment, and help us to be able to see the good things when life is rough. I’m a huge advocate for being grateful!!

Weekly Reflection

The last day of each week in the Christian Faith Journal has a section for sermon notes, reflection on the week, how you rested today, and a grateful moment for the week.

This is probably the biggest difference I’ve noticed between the two version of the Faith Journal.

The Faith Journal includes another daily page (so there are 7 for the week), but the. Christian Faith Journal has the sermon notes and reflection page instead.

*Side note: If you watched the YouTube video, this was confusing to me. I didn’t realize there were only 6 daily pages in the Christian version. The weekly review/sermon notes page is the 7th daily page.*

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

Monthly Reflection

I love this monthly reflection page! It is perfect for looking at how the month went, what was good and what needs to be improved.

And I LOVE the space for answered prayers! How often do we pray for things without taking the time to realize how they have been answered. I think this goes along with gratitude. It’s about intentional noticing.

Notes, notes, notes!

I love having a notes section! I’m so glad they decided to include one in these Faith Journals! There are always extra things I want to remember, and just having space to write those random things is so helpful to me!

And in case you are wondering, there are 21 notes pages in the back.

Why Use a Faith Journal?

I love incorporating faith journals into my study routine because it gives me a way to get my mind in the right place for learning. These journals are guided enough to help beginners have a place to start, but also open enough to be customized for those that need more freedom.

Something I’ve noticed over the last few years is that I love using journals and study guides for my spiritual study. And because I love them and enjoy using them, I’m more likely to more spend time studying the scriptures because it’s fun. When you find products and tools that help you enjoy the process, you will get so much more out of it!

My Faith Journal Study Tools & Accessories

I love my accessories! These are some of the tools that make studying more fun for me and I can’t wait to use some of these new goodies with my Faith Journal!

Accordion Pen Pouch

In my planners, I mostly use black pen, and maybe highlighters sometimes. But when I’m doing my faith study, I use so many more things! I love to color code and stickers to make things stand out, and I have so many different pens for the different books I use.

I’ve been using a Planny Pack for all my writing tools (and sticky notes). But one thing that has been bugging me is that they are all mixed together and I have to take out practically everything to find the one pen I’m looking for.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

So I got this Accordion Pen Pouch to be able to separate my different writing tools (and there’s even space for my sticky notes). The size is perfect; it’s not as bulky as I thought it would be. And I love that the pouches are wide enough for even my longest highlighters!


I also choose a few sets of stickers. The first two are basic functional stickers that I can use throughout the Journal. They are fun colors, and I love that they will just help certain things stand out more. You can see the ones I got here and here.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

The third pack I choose has a bit more of a specific purpose. These are Hexagon Page Markers. They fold in half over the end of the page to help you find that page again.

I wanted these because I know I sometimes have topics that I’m studying over and over again, or thoughts that I want to remember to go back to. Instead of trying to remember which day I wrote down something about these, I wanted a way to be able to easily find that page again. I love that these can be color coded for topics, and they are subtle enough to not get in the way.

Mini Snap in Bookmarks

In addition to the sticker page markers, I also wanted these Mini Snap-In Bookmarks. I absolutely love these and use them in every coiled book I have! They don’t get in the way on the page, but are perfect for marking which page I’m on. They can be easily moved around, and are so cute!

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.


And of course I wanted to try out some new pens!

The first ones I choose are the Metallic Gel Pens. I thought these would be really fun for writing in my Faith Journal. Like I mentioned earlier, I love using fun pens when I’m doing my faith study, and these will be perfect for that!

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

The second set I got are these Interchangeable Tip Pens. They come with a variety of styles and colors, from highlighters, medium tips, and fine tip pens. They allow you to have a lot of variety (really important to me!) without taking up as much room as the full pens would.

Each barrel can hold two pens, so you can even pick the two you might need and easily take it on the go with you.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

Creating a System that Works for You

It can be fun to have all the accessories and notebooks and study tools. But if you aren’t using them, then it really means nothing. The real point of all of this is to increase our faith, and at least for me, strengthen my relationship with God.

The key is to really find what works for you. I know that I love highlighters when I’m studying. I use them all the time. This is something that helps me to focus and remember what I’m learning about my faith.

Erin Condren Faith Journal: Available in both Christian and non-denominational. Faith Planner. War Binder.

And it needs to be a system you enjoy. If you are getting bored of your faith study, shake it up. Try something new. And the Erin Condren Faith Journal may be just the thing you need to make your study enjoyable again!

Let me know in the comments: What is your favorite faith study tool?

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