Simply Gilded Washi Tape Review + $5 off your order!

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As with many Planner Addicts, I really love my washi tape. Simply Gilded is one of, if not the most, well known washi tape companies in the Planner Community. I will continue to update this post as I purchase new washi from Simply Gilded (because there will be a next time!). I want to be able to showcase many of the designs, since most (if not all) are limited edition. All the ones I have seen are beautiful. And there is something for everybody with a wide range of colors and styles.

Simply Gilded Washi Tape - Review and what to expect when you order plus $5 off your first order! #simplygilded #washitape #plannersupplies

From what I have seen in my limited experience with Simply Gilded, the available options change frequently. There are new releases, the monthly subscription box, and sometimes she also offers pre-orders on new designs.

If you would like to try out Simply Gilded, you can get $5 off your first purchase of at least $15 by signing up here.

Because of the limited availability of each design, it wouldn’t be helpful to link to each individual product. However it seems that similar styles will eventually rotate through and there is enough selection at any given point for everyone to find something they love. I know there were a lot more I would have liked to purchase but didn’t at this time. Some will be available later (until they sell out), others are already not on the website anymore (and I’m writing this just barely one week after ordering them).


I placed my order on a Friday during a mini launch. My order shipped early the next week, and arrived on the following Friday. I’m so impressed with the fast shipping (both on the part of the Simply Gilded team and also with USPS). When checking out it was mentioned that there is an estimated 1-2 week processing time. Which just makes it all the better that I even received my order in a week!

I don’t know if this is common (I will update in the future as I place more orders), but being my first time ordering, I am really happy that I didn’t need to wait nearly as long as I was anticipating!

Packaging and Freebies

I’ve heard that packages that stand out in the mail are less likely to get lost. Because of this, I always notice the type of packaging that smaller shops use to ship their products.

My Simply Gilded order came in a padded envelope, that was a metallic rose gold/coppery color. It was thick enough to protect the products, sturdy enough that it wasn’t bent or damaged during shipping, and bright enough that I’m sure it stood out to postal workers.

Included in my order was a foiled post card and foiled bow label. I did also purchase some additional bow labels and originally thought the pink freebie one I received was part of that set. After realizing that it was separate, I started to notice that others showed the same pink bow in their order photos.

Simply Gilded Washi Tape - Review and what to expect when you order plus $5 off your first order! #simplygilded #washitape #plannersupplies

I’m not sure how often the post card changes, but this one was surfing themed that was perfect going into summer!

Bow Labels

Although not the focus of this post, I wanted to talk about the bow labels for a minute. I purchased the Autumn colored set, which has darker shades like purple, blue, and browns. As mentioned above, I also received a light pink bow as a freebie in my order. These are beautiful stickers, and well worth the $2.50 price. I plan on using one in my planner on the name page at the beginning. I’m still not sure what I will do with the others, but if nothing else, I will love hoarding them and looking at them over and over again!

Quality of Washi Tapes

I love the feel of the Simply Gilded washi tapes! They have a hint of gloss and are thicker than regular washi. I knew they are a very loved brand, but now I see why!

Another thing I noticed is how much tape is on each roll. The day my order came I also purchased washi from Michaels. I was really impressed at how much thicker the rolls from Simply Gilded are compared to most of my other washi rolls.

May 2019 Purchase

Simply Gilded Washi Tape - Review and what to expect when you order plus $5 off your first order! #simplygilded #washitape #plannersupplies

These Neutral Bows were the first set I fell in love with. These actually sat in my cart for about a week while I waited for the mini release date to purchase them. I love them because they will match to so many different things! And when I buy something like washi tape, I really want to make sure that I can get as much use out of it as possible!

I’m also always looking for washi tape that I can use during the fall. I love fall and it seems hard to find good washi to use in fall themed projects / planner spreads. I think the tan and brown tapes in this set will be awesome for that time of year!

Simply Gilded Washi Tape - Review and what to expect when you order plus $5 off your first order! #simplygilded #washitape #plannersupplies

Since I decided to purchase a neutral Erin Condren LifePlanner for next year, I knew I would need other ways to add color into my weeks. And I love the bright colors in this Tropical washi! It feels very summery to me, which is perfect since we are (currently) just around the corner from June.

Simply Gilded Washi Tape - April Storms Horizontal Bows 5mm #washitape #simplygilded #mysomethingbeautifullife
Simply Gilded – April Storms Horizontal Bows (Purchased May 2019)

I have a slight obsession with purple and gray. And it was just an added bonus that this set is called April Storms because I also happen to be obsessed with storms.

I picked the horizontal bows mostly because my other two sets from this order are both vertical (that was the only option for those colors). I will definitely need to order more horizontal versions in the future because this is probably the “direction” I will use most frequently.

May 31, 2019 Release

I got a few more washi in the mail today from Simply Gilded. And I might have another order coming soon with 4of of July washi from the release last Friday. 😇

These new washi are just as fun as I was hoping for! I’m so glad I snagged them while they are available!

Simply Gilded Washi Tape Review

Here are the ones I ordered this time. The 3 larger ones on top were all individual, and the four 5 mm brights are a set call “Fruit Bowl.”

Simply Gilded Washi Tape Review

I tried to resist this one. I mean, who really needs washi tape with washi on it? Apparently I do. I smiled every time I saw it on the website. It just makes me laugh. BTW, it’s called “Washiception 3.” Too perfect!

This picture shows a lot of darker colored washi, but there are pastel colors too (you can see some of them on the left edge). The darker ones have gold foil and the lighter colors have silver (or holographic? It’s hard to tell) foil. I’ve never seen a single roll with more than one color of foil, so this is pretty cool!

Simply Gilded Washi Tape Review

These are the perfect summer colored washi tapes! They are even prettier in person than I expected!

Simply Gilded Washi Tape Review

I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile. I love the foiled butterflies! I didn’t realize when I bought it that the background was pick, but I still love it!

Simply Gilded Washi Tape Review

I know it’s not fall yet, but I have a hard time finding fall washi that I love! So I had to get it while it was there!

June 7th, 2019 Release

This will probably be the last one for awhile, since I’ve put myself on a No Spend so I can get caught up with a few things. It I’m so glad that I got these to use in July!

I had to get the classic bows for July! I like the 5mm washi because it doesn’t take up too much space in my planner so I have plenty of room to write, but still gives me the added color I love!

I also wanted to get the Shooting Stars in Red, White, and Blue. Stars totally go with the Patriotic theme and I thought they would also be perfect!

I love that both of these sets come with red, white, and blue. The larger washi sets come as two rolls for $8 and with only one color. So to get all three colors would be $24. The sets of three thinner rolls are only $6 each with all three colors.

The last ones I got are these blue Stardust. They have holo AND blue foiled stars and dots. And I love the shade of blue! It’s a medium blue, but almost has tints of green in it. It looks like a perfect water type color.

Some more thoughts…

I’m looking forward to ordering more in the future, and especially watching for more bright colors since most of these are more muted colors (which I still love, but it is spring going on summer right now).

Have you ordered from Simply Gilded before? Which ones have you gotten that you just love? Have you tried a subscription box yet?

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them!

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Simply Gilded Washi Tape - Review and what to expect when you order plus $5 off your first order! #simplygilded #washitape #plannersupplies

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