Super Easy Fall Planner Dashboard

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Decorate your planner with this incredibly easy DIY Fall Planner Dashboard!

Decorate your planner with the easy DIY Fall Planner Dashboard. #plannerdashboard #diyplanner #happyplanner

It’s fall again! My favorite season!! Partially because of the beautiful trees changing colors, but also because it leads into the holiday season which is also my favorite. Pretty much everything between October and December I’m in love with!

And today I want to tell you how to make the easiest fall dashboard for your planner!

They were so easy in fact, that I also made some for winter and Christmas too! 🙂

What you will need:

How to do it:

    1. Cut your lamination sheet to fit your planner size. Make sure to leave the edge of the sheet that is already sealed.
    2. Open the lamination sheet and arrange window cling stickers however you want. Also feel free to use regular stickers too. Letters or a quote sticker are awesome on these too! Especially clear stickers! *Note: I’ve also tried adding glitter. I don’t recommend it. It is too thick and is hard to arrange. Plus then your dashboard will be bumpy.*
    3. Carefully close the lamination sheet to sandwich the clings between the two pieces of lamination (which should still be connected to each other on the sealed side).
    4. Laminate like usual, inserting the sealed edge into the laminator first.
    5. Punch for your planner.
    6. Repeat for the next season/holiday because it turned out so awesome!

Decorate your planner with this incredibly easy DIY Planner Dashboard. It can be customized for any holiday, season, or occasion. #falldashboard #diyplanner #planneraccessories #diy #plannerdashboard

(My window clings were purchased last year at Michael’s).

Let me know how your’s turns out! Post it and tag me on IG!

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