What I Wish I’d Known About Powersheets

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If you are new to the Powersheets Goal Planner, it can be an overwhelming process. So here are a few things that I wish I had known when I started using Powersheets.

What I wish I'd known about Powersheet Goal Planner and how I'm setting my goals differently in 2021 #powersheets #goalplanner #cultivatewhatmatters

Tonight I was reflecting on the new 2021 Powersheets that are coming out, and how I want to approach it differently next year.

I thought this might be helpful to you too, so here are the things that I wish I had known (or done differently) during my first year of Powersheets.

1. I wish I had included more memories.

Just the other day I finally figured out a use for the monthly calendar.

I’ve always wanted to utilize it for something, but I didn’t need a calendar. I have an entirely separate planner for that.

But I think now that it will make an excellent place to keep track of important things that happen.

My first plan was to just track the big things. But then I started thinking how cool it would be to fill it up each day with something that happened, or even something I am grateful for. Then of course I could add stickers to decorate too.

And in addition to that, there are also a lot of blank pages throughout the Powersheets that are designed for Wildcard pages (which I don’t use many of). Those could be great places to put my favorite quotes and pictures from each month.

Not only could my Powersheets show what I accomplished through the year, but it could also help me reflect on the memories that I made during that time (but less pressure to do an entire spread each week).

Another benefit, this could help me have a reason to keep it open during the month. I’ve noticed that “out of sight, out of mind” is a real thing and having it open helps me to stay focused on my goals.

Which leads me to…

2. Keep your Powersheets open!

Yup, I just said that. But it’s something you should know.

There are way too many times that I forgot my monthly tasks because I closed it right after writing them down and didn’t open it until the next month. I’m especially bad at the weekly and daily tasks. Even if I do them, I always forget which days they were done and so they never get tracked.

Having it open all the time would be a constant reminder of what I’m working towards, and a reminder to track my progress so I can actually see how much I’ve done.

3. Be more specific.

I was way too general with my goals, and because of that, didn’t actually know when I could cross something off. It is so much easier to track a goal or action item that is either done, not done, or partially done.

The hardest thing to track I’ve found has been goals such as “be a kinder person.” Umm… how do you track that? But creating action items that actually require action are ideal for knowing when you’ve accomplished your goal.

Having goals of wanting to be a better person are so good! Never stop wanting to be a better person! But I know from experience that unless I have something specific to check off, I’m not giving myself anything to actually reach for.

So instead of “be a kinder person,” consider action items like “do a random act of kindness” or “practice patience with other drivers during my commute.” Give yourself an action of what it means to be a kinder person (or whatever your goal is).

4. Let go of preconceived categories.

Categories can be helpful. It helps to make sure that you are focusing in important areas. But it can also hold you back if you aren’t flexible about what is allowed within a category. Or if you try to use each category you think of even when its not actually important to you.

Next year, while my goals will still fall within categories probably, I’m not going to hold fast to a rule that I can only have one goal per category and then try to encompass everything I want to accomplish under that one umbrella goal.

So instead, I may not have goals in some of my categories. I can already tell that some parts of my life are going to be more of a focus to me than others, and I want to be able to put more energy into those, instead of trying to balance my goals within all areas of my life. And it’s okay to have more than one goal in an area of my life.

5. My goals are personal, but sometimes it might be good to share my Powersheets.

Now this one is completely up to you. I fully support that you should never fill out your goals or prep work with the intention of being able to show someone or post it online. Fill it out honestly and uncensored first, and then decide if you want to share. And it’s totally okay not to!

I kept my goals and prep work very private last year. But I’ve been wondering if sharing could be helpful to others too.

I’m not committing to sharing everything I write. Not at all. I need the privacy to be able to put my whole heart into the prep work and even into my goals.

But I do want to be more open about how I choose my goals, and that will probably mean sharing more of them each month.

I love the idea of #tendinglisttuesday where we can post our tending list and progress. For some it helps to be accountable to others. For me, I think it would help to make sure I’m checking in at least once a week (although my plan is to check in daily).

They are coming so soon!!

I’m so excited for the new 2021 Powersheets to come out on October 14! I think especially after this year, we could all use a boost to help us refocus on our priorities and make progress on the things that matter most.

If you have any questions about Powersheets or goal setting, leave them in the comments below. You can also check out my review of the 2020 Powersheets here.

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What I wish I'd known about Powersheet Goal Planner and how I'm setting my goals differently in 2021 #powersheets #goalplanner #cultivatewhatmatters

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