Revisiting My Filofax Wallet: 2 Years Later

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Two years ago I posted how I was using a Filofax Finsbury Personal for a wallet. And today my Filofax wallet is still my favorite wallet that I’ve had! I’ve made a few changes over the years, and I wanted to show you what I have done and why I love it so much.

After two years, I still love having my wallet in a  personal Filofax Finsbury. Recently I updated it and added custom cash envelopes to help with my budgeting. #cashsystem #filofaxwallet #budgeting

I found my Filofax Finsbury as a warehouse deal on Amazon about two years ago. It is the first Filofax I’ve had, and it most definitely has lived up to their reputation for quality.

Originally I was using it not only as a wallet, but also as my finance planner. It turned out to be kind of a pain to use it to track all of my finances, and I soon learned that I preferred to have my finances in a notebook with larger paper.

This turned out to be a good thing to eliminate from it because I ended up also adding more card holders. I wanted to be able to carry around more of the gift cards I might use more frequently. I definitely still love using my Filofax wallet!

After two years, I still love having my wallet in a personal Filofax Finsbury. Recently I updated it and added custom cash envelopes to help with my budgeting. #cashsystem #filofaxwallet #budgeting

My most recent change are the zippered bags that I just added. I’ve been wanting to do a cash system with my budget. And while I did have cash envelopes in my wallet before (and still do), the paper ones just didn’t hold up very well with extensive use.

So I purchased a large package of zippered pouches from Amazon, and used my Silhouette to create vinyl labels for each one. I also made a few extra that won’t live in my wallet, but can be placed in it if needed (like the Christmas one in the picture below).

If you have never used your Silhouette or Cricut for vinyl, you are missing out. It is one of my favorite things to do with my machines!

Created some vinyl stickers to make cash envelopes for my Filofax Wallet!

I’m still using the same dividers that I originally created for my wallet. The lamination has held up well and I still love the papers that I chose for the designs.

I love using a personal Filofax for a wallet because I can change it up as I need to. When something isn’t working anymore, it’s easy to rearrange and still have the same structure. Plus, I love the raspberry color and it makes me happy every time I see it. When Marie Kondo talks about “sparking joy,” this is definitely what it feels like.

If you are considering turning a Filofax into a wallet (and I’ve seen it done with all sizes of Filofax planners), I cannot recommend it enough! I love mine and have no intention of switching permanently anytime soon.

Any of the products I can, will be linked below (and in the text above). Feel free to ask about anything else you’d like to know in the comments.

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