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For the first time I decided to use a kit and stickers for my monthly spread. I thought it would be fun to share with you how I’m planning in an blog version June Plan With Me.

June 2019 Plan With Me in my Erin Condren Life Planner using a monthly sticker kit from Planner Kate! #plannerstickers #planwithme #erincondren #ecsquad #eclp

June Plan with Me

One of my favorite parts about the Erin Condren LifePlanner monthly calendar pages are the blocks of color with the subtle Woven Wonder pattern at the top of each calendar.

Until I got to June.

Because honestly, the green is not my favorite color and I really didn’t want to see it all month.

So for the first time in my planning, I decided to purchase a sticker kit (actually just one page from it) in order to cover up the block of green at the top.

I also wanted to see how I liked using a sticker kit. I’m mostly a white space planner girl who just uses the color that is already on the page. But with the new 2020 LifePlanner that just came out, I ended up ordering the neutral which, while I love the color that it does have, has far less color than I’m used to. So I also purchased a July kit at the same time to try out in my new LifePlanner.

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Planner Kate has kits that I have been admiring for a few months now, so when looking for a kit to use, I started with her shop. I had never purchased from her before, but I’m so happy with the stickers I received that I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Honestly, one of my favorites are the mini freebie sheets that are included in each order. I love the size of them, and the chance to try out different styles of stickers without committing to a full sheet until I know it is something I will use often.

But on to the Plan With Me…

Notes Page

If you are familiar with the LifePlanner, you know that each month comes with a lined note page opposite the quote divider, just prior to the monthly calendar.

June 2019 Plan With Me in my Erin Condren Life Planner using a monthly sticker kit from Planner Kate! #plannerstickers #planwithme #erincondren #ecsquad #eclp

I have been using this page by dividing it into sections. The top section is where I put the month stickers, and usually a quote. The rest of the page is divided into two sections vertically. The left is used as my master to do list for the month. And the right is where I put any other lists or important information about projects that I’m working on. For June it will be a project for Father’s Day. In July it will be a packing list for a trip I am going on, along with any additional details I need about that trip.

Monthly Calendar

I pre-plan using sticky notes of all kinds. It doesn’t look super pretty, but it really helps me to see at a glance what is going on before I fully plan my month. I don’t mind mismatching sticky notes because it is easy to just grab whatever I have nearby when something comes up in a future month.

June 2019 Plan With Me in my Erin Condren Life Planner using a monthly sticker kit from Planner Kate! #plannerstickers #planwithme #erincondren #ecsquad #eclp

The sticker kit I chose from Planner Kate is KIT-140F. I cut out the part of the sticker sheet where the kit number was, and put it on the bottom corner of my notes page so I could reference it in the future without having to look it up from my Etsy purchases.

I also purchased sheets KIT-140V (half and quarter boxes) and KIT-140X (budget stickers).

On this particular sticker kit, the days of the week are attached to the decorative top part of the sticker. This made it so easy to line it up correctly. I’m sure that because I have the colorful version it was also easier to line up than it would be with the neutral, just because of the lines between the days of the week and the boxes.

June 2019 Plan With Me in my Erin Condren Life Planner using a monthly sticker kit from Planner Kate! #plannerstickers #planwithme #erincondren #ecsquad #eclp

I could line up the bottom of the sticker where the days of the week were to the line, and then it would fit perfectly on the page.

The date dot stickers would have been much easier with tweezers, like I have seen others do, but I opted to do it freehand it and still turned out decent. I’m not too much of a perfectionist about it though.

There were some extra pink dot stickers just like the date dots, only without the numbers on them. I used these along the sidebar for my to do list.

The box stickers are a little smaller than the calendar boxes for each day. I just centered the stickers in the boxes and I think they look perfect. I like them better a little smaller than the boxes because then they don’t cover any of the lines on the edges. And they weren’t difficult to center.

June 2019 Plan With Me in my Erin Condren Life Planner using a monthly sticker kit from Planner Kate! #plannerstickers #planwithme #erincondren #ecsquad #eclp

Things I Include in My Monthly Spread

I love my monthly spread to get an overview of the whole month. It really helps me to be able to see what is happening in future weeks so that I don’t miss anything important that needs to be done!

I always make sure to include:

  • Bills and expenses
  • Birthdays and celebrations
  • Other events and travel that are expected
  • Reoccurring events that happen through the month (like church)

I also use the side bar for goals or things that I need to remember for this month, or things that are coming up next month that I need to be preparing for (like renewing my car tags).

The whole thing came together quickly, and I’m really happy with how it looks. I love the bright, summery colors! I’m glad that I ordered the matching box stickers and budget stickers. It was perfect to have matching colors through the whole month.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this June Plan with Me in my Erin Condren LifePlanner! If you want to see my weekly spreads, make sure to follow me on Instagram! I post all my weeks there along with lots of other planner awesomeness!

How do you plan? Do you prefer to buy kits or embrace the white space (or both, like I did)? What is your favorite sticker shop to buy from? Let me know in the comments below!

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