Making Planning Fun with the New Hello Kitty & Friends Collection by Erin Condren

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Stuck in a planning rut? Today I’m showing you how the new Hello Kitty & Friends accessories from Erin Condren are making planning fun again!

Making Planning Fun with new Hello Kitty Accessories from Erin Condren Planners

I received these products from Erin Condren for free. I only support brands I love and all opinions are honest and my own.

Erin Condren x Hello Kitty & Friends

Now, I could spend paragraphs of this post telling you how much I adore Hello Kitty, how’s she’s nostalgic for me, and how in my church’s summer camp “Hello Kitty” was my camp name.

But as obsessed as I am, none of that really has to do with planning. What does have to do with planning is that if you don’t enjoy planning, and find a benefit from it, you won’t actually do it.

Whether you plan because it keeps your head from spinning around like a cartoon character, or because you enjoy the creative outlet (or both for reasons of course), we can all benefit from finding more ways to make planning fun.

And I’m learning that I’m not alone in my Hello Kitty obsession. Since the first Erin Condren x Hello Kitty collection launched last year, I’ve seen so many other wonder planners who share my love for the adorable Japanese kitty. I love seeing all your posts, and please continue to share them! Tag me even @lauren_msbl! I’d love to see what you come up with!

I’m even more excited about this collection than the previous ones, because now they have brought in her friends (Keroppi- you’re my favorite, but don’t tell the others! 😉).

Making Planning Fun with new Hello Kitty Accessories from Erin Condren Planners

And what better way to show you how to make planning fun with the Hello Kitty & Friends Collection, than to actually do a Plan With Me and show you how I use these new products in my EC Daily Petite Planner.

I’ll give you all the details of the new products below. And you can watch the Plan With Me here:

Hello Kitty & Friends Collection by Erin Condren

Just to start with my absolute favorite, here are some of the new covers with Hello Kitty and her friends!

Making Planning Fun with new Hello Kitty Accessories from Erin Condren Planners

It’s no secret that I collect the Erin Condren interchangeable covers. I tend to get bored easily. I like to blame it on my ADHD. But regardless of the cause, these covers have been a game changer for me with planning. Instead of switching out my whole planner, I just switch out the cover and it gives me something new and interesting to look at.

And these new designs are so insanely cute! I absolutely love the foiling! And if you aren’t familiar with the Erin Condren interchangeable covers, they also have a space on the inside of each cover (front and back) that you can use with dry or wet erase markers to make notes, a to do list, your favorite quote, anything you want. And it’s easy to see since it’s on the cover.

Hello Kitty Sticker Sheets

Like I used in my Plan with Me, they also have new stickers with Hello Kitty and her friends. Each sticker sheet has a variety of shapes and styles of stickers. But I love how they are also simple enough that you can use them in countless ways to personalize your planner and show your own style. You can even customize the colors on the sticker sheets for match the spread that you want to create. Definitely a great way to make planning fun!

Making Planning Fun with new Hello Kitty Accessories from Erin Condren Planners

Personalized Stationary

The last two things I have to show you are the note cards and notepads.

I can never turn down a notepad! I love using them to brainstorm a project, make notes on something I just thought of, or write a letter to a friend. And just like the stickers, the colors on the notepads (and notecards) can be customized. You can even add your name or other personalized text on the bottom.

My 16 year old self would have freaked out to have these at summer camp! Writing letters to other campers and leaders was a regular occurrence. And as a youth leader, I always had to take notes about random things through the day.

I’d bet most of you won’t be attending summer camp this year. But that’s just an example of how something personalized can be used other than sitting on our desks (not that I’m opposed to that, because I’ve got at least a dozen notepads within reach at my desk). And it’s so much more fun to write on a Hello Kitty notepad than a scrap of paper.

Making Planning Fun with new Hello Kitty Accessories from Erin Condren Planners

This is the first time I’ve seen the Erin Condren notecards and I thought it was funny how as soon as I saw them, I started thinking of all the people I wanted to send notes to on them.

Each pack comes with 20 notecards, envelopes, and seals. And they are made of really thick card stock. The front has the cute Hello Kitty & Friends design at the top, and also on the back! I also love how they come in a really nice box to keep them all together, so they will be easy to access when you need them.

Although they are meant for sending notes, they can be used in other ways too. I used one to write one of my favorite quotes, and then used coil clips to attach it in my planner. I love being able to see my quote easily, and love the added decoration that it adds to my days. Plus it kind of works like a bookmark too.

You could also laminate one of the Hello Kitty notecards and use it as a mini dry (or wet) erase board. Use it week after week for quotes, a meal plan, or your goals.

Who is your favorite friend?

Let me know in the comments, who is your favorite of Hello Kitty’s friends? And check out the new Erin Condren x Hello Kitty & Friends Collection to see all the amazing new products launching today!

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Making Planning Fun with new Hello Kitty Accessories from Erin Condren Planners

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