Day Designer Weekly Planner: 2022-2023 Academic Year

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While known for their classic daily planners, Day Designer also has created a weekly planner that is an amazing all-in-one option! The Day Designer Weekly Planner is full of features that we don’t often see in most planners.

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I technically received this Day Designer Planner for free. However, I did not receive it for review and Day Designer does not even know I’m doing this review. I got it from winning a giveaway on their Instagram Page.

2022-2023 Day Designer Weekly Planner

Watch the YouTube video flip through of the 2022-2023 Day Designer Weekly Planner here:

Could this be the perfect weekly planner?

Well, let’s be honest. Everyone will have their own version of what “perfect” means. But the Day Designer Weekly Planner has so many features about it that I just love. So let’s talk about what makes the Day Designer Weekly Planner different from other planners out there.

What I’m Loving About the Day Designer Weekly Planner

Day Designer Weekly Planner Cover with paint strokes

Umm, for starters… the Cover!!

I love the paint strokes and beautiful colors. It seriously just makes me happy when I see it. It has such a springtime feel to it which I’m just loving right now!

Next would definitely be the weekly view.

Weekly Page inside the Day Designer Planner

There is a “Top 3” section at the beginning of each week, and notes space on the bottom right. But I’m really loving the way each day is set up. Horizontal planning has kind of been clicking for me lately. And I love how each day has a regular lined section, and a checklist. It’s simple and easy, but still gives me what I need.

Alllllll the extra pages!!

If you haven’t seen the flip through of a Day Designer Weekly Planner, go watch this video right now. I’ll wait…

Okay, did you see all those other pages?! There are goal setting pages, bucket list pages, book & movie pages, packing lists, party planning, expense tracking… So many other things that you can keep track of in this one planner.

Packing list inside the Day Designer Planner

It’s for that reason that I think this planner is so awesome for someone who really just wants to keep everything in one planner. It’s all there already!

And for those busy days…

Daily page of the Day Designer Planner

There’s a whole section of daily pages!

I was really surprised to see that they included a section with 40 of their classic daily pages for those days when everything is just going berserk. This gives you so much extra room to plan every last detail of your day (and some space for gratitude too) so you can stay sane.

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Things I’m Not Loving

The binding

As I have to mention with every planner that has double O binding… I really am not a fan of it. It’s kind of hard to work with since you can’t actually close your book from back to front (close the front cover towards the back… weird I know, but it makes a difference). And sometimes the part where the rings connect is bulky and in the way.

I also really love planners with flexible covers and the hardcover also just feels hard to work with sometimes.

But with that being said, I will mention that because this is a thinner planner (about .75 inch thick, with a 1 inch binding), it is easier to handle than the thicker books with the same binding.

Ideal Month page inside the Day Designer Planner

The paper

It doesn’t suck. I’ve definately seen worse paper. And I think it will be fine for regular use. But it’s hard to say that the paper is awesome when I’ve seen so many other planner papers that are thicker.

One thing I appreciate about the paper, it is smooth. Not like glossy smooth, but not gritty. I like smoother papers better.

There’s not a lot of notes space each month

Actually, aside from the sidebar on the monthly calendar and the notes space on the weekly pages, there is no notes space for each month. I’ve been kind of spoiled with planners that have more notes space each month, and this one doesn’t have any.

And really, that’s all I can come up with. There’s much more that I love about the Day Designer Weekly Planner. And the things I love outweigh the things I don’t.

Close up of the monthly calendar inside the Day Designer Planner

Who Should Use the Day Designer Weekly Planner?

Like I mentioned earlier, The Day Designer Weekly Planner is a really awesome choice for someone who only needs one planner, but needs it to be thorough. There are a lot of extra features and specialty pages in this planner that you aren’t going to find in most planners.

It cold also work for those who have a different daily planner. I’m considering using it along side my Erin Condren daily planner. Because my Erin Condren has lots of notes space, I don’t need a weekly that also has lots of notes space. But I do appreciate all the extra structured pages that are in the Day Designer and think those could be really helpful.

And lastly, I think the Day Designer Flagship Planners (daily and weekly) work best for those that don’t need to carry their planner around with them, or even to work and back. These are bigger, and heavier, planners. And although I’m sure the quality could stand up to being hauled around and tossed in your bag, they would be pretty bulky and heavy to carry.

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Final Takeaways

I’m still kind of obsessed with the weekly layout. It is so simple, but already has all those check boxes so I don’t need to messily draw them (because I love my to do lists and there will be check boxes).

The variety of pages both in the front and back make me feel like I could handle all the aspects of adulting. These pages are not just the same thing that every other planner offers. And they have their own approach to how to focus on the things that matter most to you. I love that they incorporate values and strengths into their prep work pages.

Plus I think it was genius to include a batch of daily pages in the back. (Can I also mention how I love that there are separate tabs for those daily pages, notes pages, and the other extras? Tabs are my friend.) We all have those crazy days so having them in the back of the planner is so much more convenient than scribbling it down on a scrap piece of paper and then trying to remember where you left it 10 minutes later. Oh, maybe that’s just me. 😜

Are you thinking about trying the Day Designer Weekly Planner? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to my email list below to get updates about how I’m using all these planners.

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