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I’ve wanted a Filofax for years. And I always thought that the A5 Malden would be the first one I would end up getting. But I love my Personal Finsbury!Filofax Personal Finsbury Raspberry | Planner Review | Filofax Review | My Something Beautiful Life

Okay, I cannot even tell you how excited I am right now!! A few days ago I ordered my first Filofax from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and it just came in the mail, like 10 minutes ago. And now I want to show you my new baby and explain a little about what I plan to do with it.

My Very First Filofax!!

This is the Filofax Finsbury, Personal size in Raspberry.

I always thought the first Filofax I would get would be the A5 Malden in Purple, because I’ve wanted that one for years. But the Personal Finsbury was also on my list. Then while browsing Amazon, I saw it in the Warehouse Deals and just couldn’t pass it up!!

I wanted the Finsbury because of the 6 card pockets on the inside front cover, and the zipper pocket on the back cover.

My First Filofax- I will be turning this into my finance planner and wallet | Filofax Personal Finsbury Raspberry
Silly thing will not lay flat yet. But neither did my Recollections Planner at first, so I imagine this one will over time too. Edit: It did. 🙂

What it came with:

  • 2 acetate/plastic flyleaf protectors (one in front, one in back)
  • Random reference information that I probably won’t even look at before taking it out
  • Lots of blank paper! Lined, blank, grid, colored lined (3 different colors)
  • 2016 Weekly calendar pages (probably the reason it was in the Warehouse Deals)
  • 6 numbered dividers

My First Filofax- I will be turning this into my finance planner and wallet | Filofax Personal Finsbury Raspberry

How I’m going to use the Finsbury

Like I said earlier, I’ve wanted the Malden for a very long time. But while I was doing “research” on YouTube for ways to set up my A5 Recollections Planner that I got a few months ago (and used for like, two weeks), I saw many people using their Filofax as a wallet and finance planner. I did attempt this in my Recollections planner, but because the whole system didn’t last, neither did using it as a wallet.

But that was the best part of my Recollections! I really loved having my cards and shopping lists in there!

The personal sized Filofax seemed just perfect for this purpose. It’s smaller, so it can be carried around inside my purse (the Recollections was too big and heavy to keep in my purse, so I ended up carrying it everywhere). And the 6 card slots on the inside with the zipper pocket on the back was exactly what I wanted!

Plus, although I LOVE the deep purple of the Malden, the Raspberry that I kept seeing on the personal Finsbury is so pretty! I’m not one for making sure my planners match; I’d rather have one of each color just to get all the colors I want. 😉

My First Filofax- I will be turning this into my finance planner and wallet | Filofax Personal Finsbury Raspberry

The Set-up

Being that I just got the Filofax within the past hour… I haven’t done anything to set it up yet. But I have big plans for this beautiful notebook!

What I will keep in it:

  • All my bank/credit cards/loyalty cards/gift cards
  • Monthly budget worksheets
  • Savings trackers
  • Debt trackers
  • Spending logs
  • Shopping lists and maybe eventually include my menu plans
  • Cash envelopes

Really though, I’m sooo super excited right now! Because it was in the Warehouse Deals, I expected it to be more damaged that it is, but it is really in great shape! There are a few tiny little scuff marks on the front and on the pen loop, but they are really hard to see. I wouldn’t have even noticed them except the description said there was minor damage to the front cover, so I was looking for them. And I looked at it for a while before I ever noticed them. So besides that and the 2016 calendar, it is in perfect shape and exactly what I wanted.

When I get it set up, I will do another post so you can see all the funness inside. 🙂 (Note: You can see that post here!)

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